About CicloBR

The CicloBR Institute of Sustainable Mobility Promotion was created in August 2009. The non-profit NGO was created with the goal of representing cyclists in all of Brazil, to promote the use of the bicycle for transportation, leisure, tourism, and sport. With a headquarters in São Paulo, the actions are focused more in the Paulista capital but any person or institution of the country can consult the initiatives of of CicloBr in an exchange of experiences.

History: Since 2009, CicloBr has achieved various victories. We organized the Márcia Prada Route Ride that already brought as many as 10,000 people to the city of Santos in the southern coastal part of the state. The editions of the Intermodal Challenge in the Paulist capital help us understand the movement of diverse modalites of transportation. We have strengthened our partnership with Movimento Conviva (The Live Together Movement) through the service of SOS bike in the Leisure Bicycle Lane. We have made conquests with the public power through meetings with the municipal and state organs.

For example, we created the Municipal Council of Traffic and Transport of the City of São Paulo and the Thematic Chamber of the Bicycle in the same council. Our goal is to promote these partnerships even more through the actions of other projects. Mission: To participate and organize events that promote the bicycle, to make partnerships with private initiatives, and to plead for actions from the public organs, representing those that commute by bicycle. The promote the use of bicycles in a safe way for everyone in the form of transport, leisure, sports, and tourism. To have educational campaigns with civil society showing the obligations and rights of cyclists.


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